• Far away from the chaos and noise of big cities, at the foot of Olympos Mountain…

  • Artists, professionals, and families from all over the world…

  • Mediterranean cuisine with regional flavors and fresh local sea food…

  • One of the Mediterranean’s best boutique hotels...

  • 14 rooms in brilliant white and surrounded by lush green gardens...

  • With one of the With one of the Mediterranean's best beaches and a well located seaside...

  • Comfort and nature in perfect harmony…

  • Offering the tranquility and happiness we all seek...

Peace and Refined Hospitality

The bay is blessed with unique natural beauty. A tropical garden starts at the foot of Olympos Mountain following a river that flows down to the sea. Its tranquil beauty and heavenly atmosphere quickly attracted artists, professionals and families from all over the world.

The well-known German magazine GEO ranked Olympos Lodge as one of the 10 best boutique hotels in the Mediterranean.

Double Room   

On 35 square meters there is a double bed, a bathroom, a sitting area and a veranda. Our Standard rooms offer you the possibility to commune with nature and enjoy a great view.


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Honeymoon Room   

This 50 square meter large room has a double bed, a bathroom, a living area and a terrace. We recommend an early reservation for this specially designed room where neoclassical architecture meets modern design.


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Deluxe Room   

On 70 square meters there is a double bed, a bathroom, a fireplace, a sitting area and a veranda. Our Deluxe Room offers a more spacious environment to commune with nature and enjoys a great view.


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A Place of Rich History

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Olympos Lodge is like a modern centerpiece in the middle of a huge open archeological park. Located in the middle of Lycia, the ‘Land of the Sun’, the oldest settlements stem from the pre-Hellenistic world reaching back to the 15th century BC. The famous Lycian Union was established here to enable many city states to collaborate. Lycia reaches from Fethiye to Antalya and up to the Tefenni region in the north. Its history was influenced over centuries by Persian, Greek, Roman and Byzantium cultures. There about 50 easily accessible archaeological ruins such as the amazing harbors of Phaselis and Gagae.
History is on your doorstep just waiting to be discovered.


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Most of our guests arrive at Antalya Airport. If you like, we will pick you with our car. After an 80 kilometer drive along the southern coast you'll reach Cirali Village. A further 7 kilometers later, after passing through an emerald green valley with popular vacation spots, hotels and some ancient historic sites, you'll reach Olympos Lodge. It is situated in an old lemon tree grove between Cirali coast and the remains of the ancient city of Olympos, where the beach begins.